We now live in a Post Credible Age, we have been so bombarded by twenty-four-hour televised news reports, advertising, soap operas and so called celebrity reality shows that we have become anesthetised to life its self. Information overload makes it difficult to distinguish fact from fiction, truth from facts fabricated, distorted by those who control the planet; the paradigm promoted by special interest groups, financial institutions and cyber-utopians. We accept the spy-in-the sky surveillance of citizens without question, out of fear, in the certain knowledge that they are there to ‘protect’ us; we have become the ‘oh dear’ ‘never mind’ dystopia in which consumption of endless supplies of throw-away plastic goods are considered the norm in our consumer led society.

Concentrating on trying to dissipate this ethos, my current work endeavours to expose the corruption and misguided philosophies at large in the world today. At its core my rationale attempts to expose our over dependency on Crude Oil and its chemical by-products, being in the vanguard of a new movement to bring awareness to the public of the precariousness of the global situation. It is estimated that between 3.8 and 5.7 million tonnes of plastic will be dumped into the ocean worldwide this year; ‘oh dear’ ‘never mind’.

Retail therapy is not the answer; buying more ‘stuff’ to simply throw it away after a few moments gratification is driving us as a species closer to extinction. The Anthropocene is already upon us, we are part of the problem and as yet there is very little chance of us being close to a solution.

My work strives to provoke interrogation and thereby initiate awareness.

Robert Francis-Martin